The Simple Sealing Solution™

MicroMat offers a - convenient, easy-to-use., one-piece Teflon®-coated silicone rubber seal for Sun's 96-well and 96 deep-well microplates. MicroMat provides individual well seals and the capability of automated sampling directly through the resealable closure.


MicroMat can be used with Sun's' S.B.S. standard 96-well 'U', 'V', or flat bottom - polypropylene or polystyrene microplates and 1.2mL 96 deep-well polypropylene microplates. . MicroMat is easily applied to microplates by hand eliminating the need for sealing tools or rollers.

Physical Properties
The MicroMat is approximately 90mi'ls thick with a 0.5mil thick layer of Teflon on the under side providing an inert seal for each sample. Each well seal has a 0.050" penetration area allowing easy needle penetration. Individual well seals extend down into the wells approximately 0.15" reducing the chance of evaporation or crosscontamination while also keeping the mat in place as the needle is extracted from the well. MicroMat is autoclavable and has been tested in temperatures between -30'C and 135'C. For higher temperatures we, recommend that you perform testing to determine extreme limits. Due to the nature of silicone rubber, slight color variation may occur between mats...

Chemical Compatibility

MicroMat provides similar - chemical compatibility as a standard Teflon/silicone autosampler vial septum. Alcohols, acetone, ether, DMF, and DMSO have little effect on silicone rubber. While being inherently resistant to a wide variety of solvents and chemicals, we recommend that you test MicroMat for your individual application.